The Lebanese Army Is Getting $2.8 Million in Food and Fuel From Iraq


Iraq is extending a helping hand to the Lebanese Army after the latter requested assistance.

Citing Iraqi sources, Al-Jadeed reported that Iraq will offer the Lebanese Army $2.8 million worth of food and fuel aid following a letter from the Lebanese Army Commander General Joseph Aoun.

The supply of food rations will go to the army and to local prisons, the sources said, adding that there is an additional 500,000 tons of fuel. The aid will arrive in Lebanon by sea from the port of Um Qasr.

In March, General Joseph Aoun expressed that the Lebanese Army was suffering just as much as the people and protesters. He blasted Lebanon’s politicians who are leading the country into further collapse.

“Do you want an army or not? Do you want a strong, resilient institution or not?” he asked Lebanon’s leaders, speaking from the headquarters of the Armed Forces in Yarzeh.

Not long ago, a Lebanese top official, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elie Ferzli suggested that the Lebanese Army dissolve the constitution and take over for a transitional government to halt Lebanon’s downfall.

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