Lebanese Army To Announce The Results Of The DNA Tests Tomorrow

The military operation that was launched by the Lebanese Army against ISIS called “Fajr El Jururd” ended with the

victory of Lebanon

. In fact, the aim of the operation was to free the northern part of Lebanon from ISIS and to free the Lebanese soldiers who got kidnapped by ISIS in 2014. Unfortunately, the Lebanese Army has found 8 dead bodies in Wadi Al Debb which are likely to belong to the kidnapped Lebanese soldiers. Also, DNA tests got conducted in the Military Hospital to reveal the identities.

Results of the DNA tests will be revealed tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 10 AM, the Lebanese Army will announce the results of the DNA tests to reveal the identities of the dead bodies. The parents of the kidnapped soldiers also took DNA tests to see if their results match with those of the dead bodies. These parents have been struggling for three years because they have lost complete contact with their sons ever since they got kidnapped. Let’s hope that the results will bring them peace and strength.


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