Meet The Lebanese-French Chef Karim Haidar Supplying Lebanese Cuisine With A Signature Charm

Karim Haidar | @karimhaidarchef

Former Lebanese lawyer Karim Haidar made a shift in his career when he decided to follow his passion and become a chef, and he has been succeeding since then to bring Lebanese cuisine to the next level, gaining fame on his way.

For the last 15 years, he was able to revolutionize the Lebanese restaurant business with his unique culinary signature in Paris, Beirut, and London.

He has re-modeled Lebanese bistro restaurants like AU 29 and Liza, the casual restaurant Comptoir Libanais, and the high-end dining Fakhreldine, La Branche D’olivier, and Zabad, among others.

His initial steps in Lebanese catering made his culinary talent travel for numerous prestigious events around the world.

He has also published many books in various languages, including Cuisine Libanaise d’Hier Et d’Aujourd’hui, Saveurs Libanais: Miroir de la diversité, Tout Au Barbecue, and more.

His TV shows have been a success, such as his series on Fatafeat TV, which led him to open a new window into Middle Eastern cuisine and culture.

Karim is currently working on a new project to shed the light on the richness of flavors of the Middle Eastern cuisines, developing menus for each.

He is also creating the “Académie de Cuisine du Monde Arabe” (Arab World Cuisine Academy), with many influential people in the industry.

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