Military Retirees Propose Rescue Plan That Could Save 750,000 Lebanese From Poverty

Military Retirees Propose Rescue Plan That Could Save 750,000 Lebanese From Poverty

Lebanon‘s Retired Military Persons Movement has announced a rescue plan that aims at helping the Lebanese economy recover and saving hundreds of thousands of Lebanese from destitution.

Brig. Gen. Fouad Al-Mawla, the general coordinator of the Retired Military Persons Movement, announced a 5-year rescue plan during a press conference held at the Lebanese Press Syndicate on Thursday.

One of the plan’s objectives is “saving about 750,000 Lebanese from below the hunger line.”

It includes a draft law for parliamentary elections that accords with the Taif Agreement, and an agricultural project in the Beqaa Valley that would generate $3 billion in annual revenue for the Lebanese treasury.

It also includes a Flag Service project that would annually generate 350 billion Lebanese pounds, and a plan for electricity that would cover “about 40 percent of the treasury deficit,” according to Al-Mawla.

Al-Mawla said that he had already sent the electricity plan to the Lebanese state, as well as to French President Emmanuel Macron and the World Bank.

On the social level, the plan outlines a monthly grant of $50 for Lebanese families that have fallen below the poverty line across the country by utilizing the World Bank’s $246-million loan to the Lebanese state.

The retired officer stressed that the Movement had proposed in 2017 the parliamentary election plan to all representatives and to the president and the prime minister, in a booklet entitled “Cedar Stone,” as it brings Muslims and Christians together equally.

However, the proposal “fell on deaf ears” at the time, Al-Mawla said, requesting that the Lebanese authorities implement this new rescue plan immediately.