Lebanese Doctor Omar Saoud Was Awarded The Best Research Award In Ophthalmology At The 23rd EVER Congress 2022

Omar Saoud

The Lebanese doctor Omar Saoud received a well-deserved distinction, winning the best research award in ophthalmology at the 23rd EVER Congress 2022 (European Association for Vision and Eye Research), which was held in Spain.

Dr. Omar Saoud expressed that his research is the result of three years of hard work and experiments in laboratories and clinics.

His research aims to find a new way to treat retinal detachment by attaching the retina using high-frequency electric current welding.

The retina is also put in place at the same moment as the operation without needing to wait for two weeks.

“I didn’t expect my research in ophthalmology could be awarded the best for 2022 between European countries and other countries also. But here we are, happy to hold that diploma.”

“I believe that this is not the end, and I am looking forward to achieving more and more,” expressed Omar via his Facebook account.