How Lebanese Are Hilariously Reacting To Welding Work In Beirut

REUTERS/Stringer | @carloshaidamous

“Just another normal day in Lebanon.” That’s what photographer Carlos Haidamous captioned this photograph of a long trail of black smoke slithering over Beirut.

Somehow, since the horrible explosion at the Beirut port on August 4th, at least three more fires erupted in the capital.

And who’s the alleged culprit? “Welders.”

Forty days of grieving have passed and now Lebanese are resorting to their unmatchable dark humor to poke at the fact that the explosion, fires at the port, and the fire of the Zaha Hadid Building at Beirut Souks are being blamed on welders.

This is Lebanon’s newest natural reaction to any fire:

Signs showing up around: “Welding is forbidden in this area, thank you.”

Urgent (and sarcastic) calls to “Ban all welding!”

Serial welder arsonist? That’s new…

Apparently, it’s a new weapon? *shrug*

Good ideas from the public…

Could conquer the world with a Lebanese welder…

“Give me a German weapon, a Russian soldier, and a Lebanese welder, and I’ll conquer the world in 10 days.”

This one says he can do it with only 3 welders from Lebanon:

And of course, checking Twitter to ask, “Will there be welding today?”

And to make sure the dark teasing spices up, someone launched a new Twitter account named LebaneseWelder:

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How Lebanese Are Hilariously Reacting To Welding Work In Beirut

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