Lebanese Revolutionaries Have Special Plans for New Year’s Eve

What are your plans for New Year’s eve? Partying in a restaurant? Attending a concert? Staying at home? Wrong, wrong and wrong. The end of 2019 end and the beginning of 2020 are going to be special this year in Lebanon because, indeed, this is a special time in our country’s history. There’s no denying that there is more bad than good to look back at when recalling Lebanon’s 2019, but the Lebanese people intend to bid farewell to all of it.


What soon is to be ‘last year’ was another year of exploitation, corruption, injustice, poverty, economic deterioration, suicides, martyrdom, and other negative and tragic things. But at the same time, it was a year that brought towards its end hope, unity, awareness, compassion, strength, dignity and, above all, a national resurrection.

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The Lebanese revolution brought all these good things to light in spite of all the bad things, and because of them. It also brought joy with all the various impressive revolutionary activities that the Lebanese people so creatively executed in protests’ grounds; these were the highlights of the Lebanese revolution.


To these activities, we have many examples: Collecting donations for poor families in the revolutionary squares, Lebanese women’s marches, the Human Chain across Lebanon from the south to the north, building a phoenix from the metals of burnt down tents in a powerful statement, the Lebanese mothers’ march of unity in Chiyah and Ain el Remmaneh, and in Jal-El-Dib, the revolution taking over Lebanon’s independence day, and many, many other beautiful moments and actions.

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So everyone was kind of expecting the Lebanese revolutionaries to have special plans for New Year’s Eve like they did for Christmas when they organized a big, collective dinner in Martyr’s Square. Today, we have received an official invitation!


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The call has been launched and is going viral on social media to gather for a New Year’s Eve gathering in Martyrs’ Square, as of 7:00 pm on December 31st. This is no regular party. This is Lebanon’s New Year revolution to say farewell to 2019 and to welcome, together, a new Lebanon we’ve been fighting for.

Through this, Lebanon and its people will be also saying their goodbyes to corruption, sectarianism, oppression, and submission so to welcome the new Lebanon that will be born with the year 2020, as the announcing video says.


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Lebanon’s New Year revolution will be the biggest proof of all that the Lebanese people won’t back down for anything, but they will persevere revolting on the streets, whether it’s New Year’s Eve or not.

For these revolutionaries, staying at home isn’t an option anymore; not until their demands are met and their rights are reinstated. They will only go back to the comfort of their homes when satisfied that the positive changes they seek are tangible so they and their families, and the generations to come can live in a corrupt-free country. 


So you are invited to make the biggest and loudest statement of all, in the biggest New Year’s Eve party ever, for a cause. The theme of the party? Lebanon, the new Lebanon. There’s no doubt it’s going to be absolutely amazing!

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