Meet Hollywood-Certified Lebanese SFX Artist Tanios Hokayem

Tanios Hokayem

Hollywood-Certified Beauty and Special Effects Makeup Artist, Tanios Hokayem, is a Lebanese celebrity who transformed his talent and passion for graphic design into one of the most thriving careers in the film industry.

Special FX makeup is the process of using different techniques of sculpting, prosthetics, molding, casting, and body painting to transform actors into a specific character.

Hokayem’s adventure in this domain first started when he attended Hollywood’s professional “Cinema Makeup School” in Los Angeles and “Prosthetic Renaissance” in New Jersey.

He majored in Artistic, Beauty, Fantasy, High Fashion, Prosthetics, and Special Effects Makeup for the film, television, fashion, and entertainment industries.

Tanios has been repeatedly recognized for his unique and innovative artistic talent, as this gave him the opportunity to work with 52 well-known celebrities from around the world, famous makeup brands, production houses, and event organizers.

Based in Beirut, Dubai, and Lisbon, Hokayem was also the make-up artist on the UAE TV program “Story Of My Life” where celebrities from the MENA region are welcomed to talk about their lives and are later transformed into the older version of themselves.

Needless to say, people like Tanios Hokayem are the ones who are keeping Lebanon’s name shining abroad.

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Meet Hollywood-Certified Lebanese SFX Artist Tanios Hokayem

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