Contracted University Teachers In Lebanon Just Held A Sit-In Amid Open Strike


The representative committee of contracted teachers at the state-run Lebanese University held a sit-in on Tuesday afternoon in front of the Grand Serail as they continue their demands for their rights.

Joined by teachers and professors from various faculties and from various Lebanese regions, they urged the council of ministers to hold a full-time confirmation session at the earliest date, in order to save the academic year and the teaching staff.

Dr. Hamed Hamed issued a statement on behalf of the teachers in which he addressed the officials: “It hurts us very much to be back on the side of the road instead of being in our classes, among our students, to complete the university year.”

“It hurts us greatly that we are forced to sit in again to remind the officials of the need to save the educational staff at the Lebanese University, which has become unable to continue in light of the indifference of those responsible and the government’s neglect of its most basic needs.”

Dr. Hamad added that the Lebanese authorities should stop ignoring the state-run Lebanese University, and rescue the professors and teachers, adding that Lebanese officials always focus on private universities rather than the national university.


“Does this government want a national university or does it want to privatize higher education as a whole?” Dr. Hamad issued in that regard, calling on the government to stop ignoring and neglecting the university.

“Today, we call on the minister of education to sign the full-time employment at the Lebanese University and submit it to the general secretariat of the council of ministers, as well as the staff file, and we appeal to the prime minister to quickly call for a government meeting dedicated to the study and approval of the full-time file,” he urged.

He ended his statement by announcing that they will continue with their open strike until the government heeds their demands and does right by them.

The Lebanese University contractors and professors have been protesting for years now to no avail.

Each year, they organize sit-ins and strikes. Consequently, the students at the Lebanese University pay the price since each year their final exams get postponed.

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Contracted University Teachers In Lebanon Just Held A Sit-In Amid Open Strike

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