Lebanese Businessman Scores WWII Strategy Game Championship

Omar Ghandour/Axis & Allies

Omar Ghandour, a Lebanese businessman and video game enthusiast, won the new World Champion in a classic strategy game called Axis & Allies.

Under the username Omar & Omar, Ghandour managed to score first place in the official online adaptation of the classic board game Axis & Allies, which is comprised of a series of World War II strategy board games.

Omar Ghandour

Ghandour, the owner of the popular Vegan restaurant Lunas, fought his way to victory as the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, United States, Germany, and Japan contest for world domination at the height of the Second World War in this online version.

“My uncle who used to live in the US introduced me to the game when I was 15, and I always found it fun and historically interesting,” Ghandour told The961. “It helped me grow a passion for learning about the World War 2.”

Ghandour started playing Axis and Allies while he was quarantining in France. Most of his work with the popular Lebanon-based restaurant was online, so he managed to find a way to balance between work and fun.

“I am also lucky enough to have an amazing team at Luna’s who I can rely on,” Ghandour said, crediting the loyal staff and team behind Lunas.

When asked about the strategy used to achieve number one position, Ghandour noted that the German and the Japanese have to coordonate their objectives and attacks, “something they never managed to do in the real world war 2.”

“Besides winning the world championship at my favorite game, I was thrilled to make Lebanon number one on something other than hummus,” Ghandour said wittily.

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