Meet The Lebanese Woman Who’s Taking Care Of Abandoned Elders


As suggested by its name, Gestures From The Heart is a heartfelt personal initiative that flourished into the NGO that it is today.

Led by the kindness and compassion of Paola Accari, hundreds of volunteers from Zgharta have been taking close care of abandoned elders, women, and children who were in need.

From providing months-worth of basic essentials to helping pay rent and even refurbishing their homes, Gestures From The Heart has been providing warmth and support to those in need.

Not only is the help being provided in Accari’s hometown of Zgharta but in towns across the country where she can help if she has the budget for it.

Before the pandemic, Gestures From The Heart used to organize weekly lunches where the local elderly can gather to mingle and share a meal together.

Bringing them together used to keep them entertained, gave them something to look forward to, and made them feel that they were not alone.

When COVID-19 hit, all of this changed – however, the NGO kept working to make sure the elders had everything they needed.

In the wake of the August 4 Beirut Port explosion, volunteers from Gestures From The Heart helped clear debris in the capital city, provided support to elders by cleaning their homes, and provided warm meals to those affected by the tragedy.

Through Gestures From The Heart, Accari is raising a community of young people who look after their elders and care for those who are helpless and vulnerable.

She is creating a loop of kindness, compassion, and understanding that will be reflected in a better and improved Lebanon that the younger generation will build up from its current state where those in need are often neglected by the government.

You can support too by either adopting an elder or donating here. You can also get in touch by emailing [email protected] or calling +961 3 399 234 for more information.

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