Strong Winds Threaten To Wreak Havoc In Lebanon This Week

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Just when you thought the country has dealt with enough damage this year, strong winds are coming threatening to wreak havoc. 

It’s raining like crazy in Beirut today. Cats and dogs! The weather has been stormy since a thunderstorm jolted people awake in the early morning on Monday. 

In fact, according to the Meteorological Department of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Lebanon is expected to continue experiencing heavy rains until Friday. 

For the next two days, Lebanon, especially its coastal areas, will be affected by a heavy thunderstorm accompanied by strong winds of more than 75 km per hour.

Snow is expected to fall on Lebanon’s highest peaks, of altitudes above 2,400 meters.

People are warned to be cautious of collapsing billboards, poles, trees, and anything else that may pose a risk to public safety. 

The ISF is asking people to avoid moving around on foot in the heavy rain and winds. 

People are urged to drive with caution and avoid parking near billboards and trees, or anything that could fall on the car. 

The first major rain of the season can definitely come with higher risks of accidents, as roads can get slippery.

Additionally, driving in the rain can increase the chances of skidding on the road or hydroplaning. The heavy rains could lead to flooding in several areas.  

The ISF is asking residents to fix things that could fall or fly due to the strong winds, and of course to pack everything that could be carried off with the wind. 

Finally, people are warned to avoid being near buildings that look like they can collapse at any given moment, such as those severely damaged during the Beirut blast.

Unfortunately, months after the blast, many homes still don’t have roofs and windows.

Beirut’s heritage homes are especially at risk of being utterly destroyed in the hazardous winds that are coming. They only serve as a reminder of everything wrong with the country.

If you’re searching for something to look forward to in all of this, or even a sign of hope, at least it’s the perfect season to catch a rainbow as the sun peers between the clouds.

Weather conditions are expected to improve Friday.

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