What You Should Know About The Massive Strike Taking Place In Lebanon Next Week

The General Labor Confederation, headed by Bechara Asmar, has called for a nationwide general strike on Wednesday, February 8th.

This strike will involve several sectors including the land transport sector, independent businesses’ unions, governmental hospitals, and teachers’ leagues.

The announcement came after a meeting between Asmar and the land transport unions, which was chaired by Bassam Tlais at the GLC headquarters.

In an interview with MTV, Tlais stated that the syndicates have no other option but to raise their voice through either a strike or a demonstration to make officials assume their responsibilities.

Tlais said the pricing is issued by the Ministry of Works and that the strike will be a show of solidarity for the land transport sector and that the Labor Union will participate in it.

He added that if their voices are not heard, they will escalate the situation.

The general strike is expected to have a significant impact on the country and bring attention to the demands and grievances of the participating sectors.

The strike is a clear indication of the frustration and dissatisfaction among the workers who feel that their voices are not being heard by the authorities as they struggle through the economic crisis.

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