4 Members Of A Group Running Car Thefts Were Arrested In North Lebanon


The Information Division of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) has intensified its efforts to pursue and arrest those involved in car thefts in various Lebanese regions after several car thefts took place in North Lebanon.

As a result of the investigations, a group that steals and dismantles cars, and then sells them in pieces inside the fracture sites in northern areas, was identified.

Here are its members:

J. H. (born in 2000)
N. S. (born in 1978)
F. B. (born in 1986)
H. H. (born in 1988)

On May 30, after monitoring and control, one of the Division’s patrols arrested 2 of these members in one of the “breaking points” in the Saqqi-Tabbaneh locality, while they were selling stolen Honda car parts.

At the same time, patrols from the Division were able to apprehend the other two thieves in Al-Qebbe on board a motorbike and a stolen car.

Searching the first warehouse in Al-Tabbaneh, the ISF found a number of license plates, papers belonging to stolen cars, a number of car radios, speakers, and a sound regulator.

During the interrogation, the first member confessed that he had bought 8 cars stolen from a person, dismantled them, and sold them inside the fracture sites in Tripoli. This was done with the help of the other three, who also confessed the crimes attributed to them.

They were arrested with the seized tools and the search is still ongoing to arrest the last suspect.

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