Ministry of Public Health to support the family that welcomed a sextuplet

Deputy Prime Minister and Lebanon’s Ministry of Public Health Ghassan Hasbani visited Mona who

gave birth to 6 babies on Tuesday

. Hasbani said that it might be the first time that a woman gives birth to a sextuplet in Lebanon. The father, Youssef Fadlallah, mentioned that the Ministry of Public Health did not hesitate to provide support to the family. The Ministry will cover additional costs related to the babies’ nutrition. It will also provide the necessary medical support until the children are ready to leave the neonatal intensive care unit. These are the names of the babies: Elias, Elena, Yara, Jad, Ryan, and Lamar. The doctors Dani Hamod and Nadim Hajal noted that successfully giving birth to a sextuplet is a rare phenomenon! The mother and children are perfectly healthy.