ISF Busted A Network Smuggling Drugs From Lebanon To France Inside Carpets

Maryland State Bar Association

On Wednesday, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced the arrest of members of a professional drug trafficking network that was preparing to smuggle cocaine to France through the Rafic Hariri International Airport.

The drugs were packed and hidden inside a carpet, professionally and innovatively. Immediately, the specialized units of the Division began their information procedures to uncover the identities of the network.

As a result of intensive investigations, they were able to uncover those involved, namely:

  • H.H. (b. 1958, Lebanese)
  • A. C. (b. 1977, Lebanese)
  • N.B. (b. 1978, Lebanese)
  • A.A. (b.1975, Syrian)
  • Z. H. (b. 1984, Lebanese)

The suspect H.H. is wanted by the judiciary under prosecution for crimes of forgery and drugs, and the suspect A.C. for crimes of attempted murder and drugs. Both are deemed dangerous persons by the law.

Orders were given to locate and monitor the whereabouts of the above-mentioned in preparation for their arrest and seizure of drugs.

On November 13, 2022, after careful monitoring and surveillance, a force from the Division carried out a qualitative and simultaneous operation that resulted in the arrest of the five suspects in Hazmieh and Al-Mareijah.

A search of their homes found in N.B.’s house a large bag containing a white carpet containing 1855 grams of cocaine, a sensitive electronic scale, and 38 grams of hashish.

In addition to 47 grams of cocaine, 85 grams of heroin, tools used for packing drugs, and sewing carpets were seized at the house of the first detainee.

Under interrogation, they confessed that they were forming a drug smuggling network from Lebanon to France through Beirut Airport and that they had already carried out two cocaine smuggling operations to France in the same way.

The legal requirement was conducted against them based on the reference of the pertinent judiciary.

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