New Lebanese Deputy Is Donating His Salary

Safir Al-Chamal

Lebanon is in a desperate struggle against time as crises are compiling and aggravating. Hopes have now been directed to the electoral programs that promised reforms and change.

In this regard, the newly elected deputy Adib Abdel Massih decided to take his first step toward lending help to the people in his district.

In a statement, he announced the transformation of the polling station in Kfar Hazir into the Deputy’s House, where he will meet periodically with people in Koura to ensure continuous and diligent work and accountability for the next four years.

This Deputy’s House is also at the disposal of his colleagues, the deputies of the Koura, if they want to do the same.

“This House is not only for me but rather to serve all citizens without exception”, he stated.

In addition, he pledged to donate his entire salary as a deputy to support the Koura Forest Fire Reduction Fund. His NGO “We Are All Family” will work to support this fund and he invited everyone to seriously contribute,

“It is at the heart of my electoral program to work to reduce fires and ensure readiness within the Koura district, in order to preserve public safety, the health of citizens, and our Koura environment”, he added.

Accordingly, a meeting will be held with the civil defense cadres in Koura to determine their needs and to secure water sources ready for use, and when needed issue a preparedness plan with identification of critical zoning.

Adeeb Abdel Massih is the CEO of Marine Core & Charter (MC2), which he has reportedly led to remarkable success in the past 12 years.

His decision can’t be said to come as a surprise. Abdel Massih is a philanthropist, heading the NGO “We Are All Family” as its president. Back in January, his organization donated two ambulances to the Lebanese Red Cross for the benefit of the emergency center in Koura.


That came within the framework of a cooperation agreement that also includes rehabilitating the North Operations Room and equipping it with furniture, according to The Red Cross’ standards.

Almost a week after his election, he is already moving into taking action to serve his district as he pledged in his electoral program and make himself available to the needs of his constituents.

There is indeed no time to waste in the crises-ravaged country that waited too long for reforms and change. As he said in his statement: “It’s time for us to work, it’s time for us to change.”

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