Lebanese Military Court Convicted Dozens Of Officers For Embezzlement Of Funds

Egypt Independent

The Military Court issued punishments ranging from a monetary fine to hard labor for a period of 15 years against several officers and some civilians for the offense of embezzlement of funds entrusted to them to administer and for forging official documents.

Among these people are senior officers, non-commissioned officers, and military personnel of the Internal Security Forces, in addition to civilians.

These rulings came four years after they were tried for the crimes of “abuse of their influence and breach of their job duties, their misappropriation of public funds in the institution of the internal security forces, and violating military instructions.”

The ruling issued by the Military Court and headed by General Munir Shehadeh imposed a penalty of hard labor for a period of five years against the retired General Muhammad Q. and Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Q.

The former got fined an amount of 257 million LBP and the latter an amount of 26 million LBP. Both were stripped of their civil rights.

It also sentenced General Nizar N. to hard labor for 2 years, stripped him of his rights, and fined him three million LBP.

The ruling also imposed a penalty of hard labor for a period of 4 years against each of ex-officer Khaled N., adjutant Bassam T., ex-officer Medhat J., and civilian Ali B., and stripping them of civil rights, in addition to fines ranging between 3 million and 15 million LBP.

The military court ruled each of ex-officer Ibrahim. N., ex adjutant Haider Z., ex-officer Hussein T., and a civilian named Tanal G. to three years hard labor, stripping them of their civil rights plus a fine ranging between 25 million and 60 million LBP.

Retired sergeants Charbel S. and Walid S. were sentenced to hard labor for a period of two years, stripping them of their civil rights, and each of them was fined an amount of 3 million LBP, and 3 months imprisonment.

Former officer Bassam S. was fined 200,000 LBP.

The court also fined officers Bishara A., Tony H., Elias A., George R., Moufid M., and Pierre Kh., former adjutant Tanous H., the former first sergeant Malik G., adjutant Shaher D., and civilian Maroun Z., with amounts ranging between 800,000 LBP and 1,400,000 LBP.

The court also issued a verdict in absentia against the defendant officer Nazih S., who had fled from justice, and who will serve a 15-year hard labor sentence, be stripped of his civil rights, and fined him 402 million LBP.

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