1 Dead And 2 Injured In Lebanon After Fight Over Food Rations


A dramatic incident in Tripoli on the first day of Ramadan, observed by a large population of the northern city, has left its residents in shock.

A dispute broke out over the distribution of food rations near the Khannaq bridge that leads to the Abu Samra area.

The altercation erupted violently, involving gunfire, and led to the death of a young man (K.M.) who succumbed to his wounds after he was rushed to the Mazloum Hospital for treatment.

Additionally, two other people were injured in the dispute and were also taken to the hospital for treatment, reported NNA.

According to Safir Al-Chamal, a local online newspaper, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) managed to arrest the shooter (A.M.).

However, to add to the death and injuries, chaos ensued after the incident. People ravaged the warehouse, broke the glass, and began stealing the food supplies as seen in the video below.

It is true that the iftar table looks nothing like before, but the essence of Ramadan is lost with actions that some Lebanese have been reduced to in light of the harsh economic reality.

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