Party Supporters Attacked Security Forces with Fireworks in Beirut

Saturday, December 14: Lebanese media reported that a group of Hezbollah and Amal supporters coming from Khandak El Ghamik attacked security forces present near “Azarieh Suite” in central Beirut, at around 4:30 in the afternoon.


They attacked the security forces (ISF) with fireworks and rocks, injuring two officers. As the encounter escalated, more attackers rushed to the area while security forces called in reinforcements, including an armored vehicle for protection.

The ISF posted a tweet on its official account urging the attackers to clear the streets and end the assault to prevent any further escalation.


Less than an hour later, residents of Khandak El Ghamik made efforts to de-escalate the incident by calling the attackers through mosque loudspeakers to cease their assault on the security personnel.

A group of the residents then headed to the area of the clash and convinced the young men to retreat, expressing to the police and media their disapproval of the irresponsible actions of the attackers. The Ring Bridge area has since seen no violent encounters; as of the writing time of this report.


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