People Are Considering Painting ‘The Egg’ in Tribute to Lebanon

We all see the Egg building on social media. The famous Egg that was supposed to be the first mall in the middle east. This building has been one of the most frequented places during the revolution. 


The history of the iconic “Egg ” in Downtown Beirut is a very long one since 1965. It is a symbol of resilience and strength. The Revolution has brought it to life. Every night, with music and lights, as protesters gather to turn their protest into celebrations of hope and unity.

In Tripoli, there was also a building abandoned for years until the now-famous Mohammed Abrash beautified its facade and turned it into a new icon for the Revolution.

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It seems like the people of the revolution are reviving the “abandoned” and bringing them to life like they have been doing with the status of their country.

A couple of days ago, we introduced to you the amazing personal mission of the self-taught artist Mohammed Abrash who has been beautifying the damaged walls of Lebanon. Abrash is one of the firsts in Lebanon to use Calligraphy in his graffitis otherwise known as Calligraffiti.

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Abrash is also one of the artists of the Revolution. His talents and love for Lebanon have been even more relevant during this time of national uprise for urgent reforms. With his passion for art, he has turned abandoned buildings into statements. 

Today, Abrash addresses the citizens of Beirut with a proposal to beautify the Egg building with the Lebanese Flag. 


He posted on his social media, “I am ready if someone from the people of Beirut donates for us to help each other and paint on the Egg the [Lebanese] flag as we painted the flag in Tripoli. The Egg in the Martyrs’ Square of Beirut needs a Lebanese Flag. ”

He invites the willing people of Beirut to contact him to talk about it, posting his cell number 03172033.


About 500 people responded to his FB post. While it will be great to turn the facade of that building into a massive Lebanese Flag as a powerful statement, the reactions are diverse and contradictory from the people of Beirut.

Many are wondering if it is the right thing to do. Some want the Egg to be left untouched, some are liking the idea, and some are stating that these times are financially difficult. Someone proposed to put the proposal to a vote.

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Even though this building has history, it is still an abandoned part of an unfinished project. Solidere had decided to keep it as it is and put it on an inventory list due to its strange yet valuable geometric value.

What do you think? Should it be painted with the Lebanese Flag or left as is?

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