People In Lebanon Are Raging Over Opposition MP Praising Nabih Berri (Video)

@najat.aoun.saliba | BBC

The newly-elected MP, Najat Aoun Saliba expressed her admiration for Lebanon’s Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, after describing him as a “school” to benefit from.

The MP’s comments came during an interview on OTV, where MP Saliba expressed her enthusiasm towards Nabih Berri promising her to send the Parliament police to remove the ashtrays from the parliament.

MP Saliba, who is an Environmental Activist, hoped that by that MPs would stop smoking inside the Parliament.

However, those comments caused rage among Lebanese activists, as many perceive the Parliamentary Speaker as a pillar of the traditional regime.

MP Saliba defended her statement, saying that they [the Opposition MPs] should benefit from the experience to not repeat it, adding that the confrontation against the system will continue.

“One of the great results of his “school” is the bombing of a city and the killing of 240 victims and 6000 wounded, a school crime that evades and obstructs justice. Very provocative words Najat Saliba, what was the meaning?” commented Paul Naggear, the father of one of the youngest Beirut blast victims, in a tweet.

MP Mark Daou tweeted in that regard: “Our school, which we benefit from, is the constitution, law, and the October 17 Revolution […]. We will stand, Najat and I, next to each other. We will remain humble, listen, and persevere in working for people. We accept criticism, admit mistakes, and celebrate victory for a better Lebanon.”

After the comment of MP Saliba emerged over social media, she was also confronted, on Thursday, by an activist, who expressed anger towards her deeming Berri a school to learn from:

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