Heavy-Armed Protection Around The Economy Minister In Lebanon Triggers A Wave Of Criticism


On Thursday, the Lebanese Ministers of Economy and Agriculture inspected the vegetable market in Beirut, with heavily armed protection by state security.

The visit came after citizens complained about the unbearably-increasing prices of vegetables and fruits across the country.

However, as described by internet users, instead of appearing “heroic”, the Minister of Economy Amin Salam showed up at the market like a “warlord.”

“Shameful picture of Lebanese Minister of Economy on streets of Beirut… This isn’t a picture from some war zone. There is no breakdown of order in the country but a financial collapse, which isn’t going to be solved with thugs with guns protecting a minister,” said a Twitter user.

The Lebanese people, who revolted on October 17, 2019, have protested against all the mafia mentality and actions that remind them of the civil war.

Last week, the Minister of Economy Amin Salam was criticized by an old man, who cursed him publicly – thus the presumed need of the minister for a heavily armed protection in public.

Since the Lebanese Revolution and its public shaming campaigns against politicians, Lebanese officials are scared to walk among the people and face activists condemning them and corruption.

Even “powerful” political figures, like Prime Minister Najib Mikati, expressed their frustration last summer for not being able to “live” and go to restaurants to avoid hearing and seeing the real criticism and anger of the Lebanese people.

However, there hasn’t been any recorded violence from the people against politicians. Shaming campaigns were always a verbal confrontation forcing the politicians to leave the public space, like restaurants.

The extra armed protection of the Economy Minister is deemed uncalled for, especially not because of an elderly expressing his frustration at the rampant corruption and the long-lasting crisis depleting the people.