Lebanese Minister Forced Out Of A Fancy Store By Protesters

Minister of Public Works and Transport Youssef Finianos is another politician who had to face the disapproval of the people in a public space.

What happened to various politicians before him, has now happened to him. Lebanese protesters are not taking any breaks!

This minister, however, put on a fight. He stood his ground, refusing to leave the fancy store.

He also attempted to talk it away, explaining himself when confronted with his responsibility at the recent floods in Lebanon, and trying to justify his position.

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The protesters just wouldn’t have it. Disastrous floods have been recurrent in Lebanon for the past five years due to carelessness in governance and disregard for the people suffering the consequences.

At this confrontation, MP Fenianous tried to deny that his ministry had anything to do with Lebanon’s drowning recently. He said that he, as a politician and lawyer, has been working for the good of the country for 30 years.

One protester, in particular, refused any conversation with the Minister, sticking to chanting for the revolution and insisting on him to get out.

Several arguments ensued between him, the protesters, and the store’s security, after which he had no other option but to leave. 

These protesters didn’t just happen to be in the Aishti shopping center that only the well-off can afford. They were tipped off when the minister was seen entering the place.

They went in especially to make sure that he gets to face the people’s unyielding disapproval of a painful reality that Lebanese officials have created, and have been adamant to dismiss.

The people of the revolution consider that these politicians shouldn’t be allowed in public spaces, splurging at the account of the country and the people. Especially that they haven’t proven concerned to look for a way to save the country from its current agony.  

At this excruciating stage in Lebanon’s history, it doesn’t matter to the people who’s who among the politicians.

They together have brought the country to its knee and the people to the limits of endurance, and even beyond. Henceforth, for the people: All means all.

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