Protests Reignite In Lebanon As The Dollar Edges Close To 2,700 LBP

After the value of the Lebanese pound plummeted to an unprecedented level in the face of the US dollar, Lebanese citizens have taken to the streets in protest.

Since late afternoon on Wednesday, many roads in and outside the capital have been closed.

In a scene that had become the norm for quite a while in Lebanon, the angry demonstrators obstructed several main streets in the governorates of Beirut, Bekaa, and the North.

Middle East Institute

The economic disaster that has been drowning the Lebanese people since last year has only gotten worse. Today, for the first time, a single US dollar is worth a little less than 2,700 Lebanese pounds!

The ridiculousness of this latest episode in the dastardly “dollar vs Lebanese pound” series replicated the first spark that has let loose a full-scale revolution in October 2019.

Numerous social media posts have been calling for people to hit the streets and raise their voices against the tyranny and corruption of Lebanon’s ruling class.

The protesters placed burning tires on the streets of Taalabaya, Bar Elias, Jdita, Beddaoui, Miniyeh, Tripoli, and Beirut.

In the absence of news reporters, security forces clashed with the protesters in Taalabaya and utilized tear gas to attempt to disperse them.

One activist reportedly told Annahar that “the cutting off of roads today came in protest against the high rate of the dollar exchange, and it reaching the threshold of 2,700 Lebanese pounds.”

On the other hand, at the intersection of the Sports City in Beirut, the protesters said that their motive to block the road was the recent arrest of activist Amir Abu Odaila by Lebanese Army Intelligence.

In the afternoon in Sidon, after the exchange rate jumped, a group of angry protesters forced currency exchange tellers in the city to close their stores. 

At around 9 PM, people began rallying in Zouk and Moucharafieh amid a heavy presence of Lebanese Army soldiers.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, trending posts are calling for a major demonstration to be held on Thursday, March 5th, at 7 AM in Beirut.

The protest will begin in front of the Central Bank before participants march towards Riad El-Solh Square to protest the worsening of the living conditions and the economic crisis.

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