Three Puppies Were Just Found In Acid Container In Beirut Port

Three Puppies Found In Acid Container In Beirut Port

A group of puppies have been found in an acid container in the Port of Beirut.

Combi Lift, the German firm tasked with clearing hazardous containers from the Port, found 3 puppies that had survived the August 4th explosion, while clearing an acid container, the National News Agency (NNA) reported on Tuesday.

The head of the Combi Lift delegation, Heiko Wilderhof, was quick to seek medical attention for the puppies. They were rescued in cooperation with PAW, an NGO that fights animal abuse and the unethical treatment of animals in Lebanon.

After being moved out of the Beirut Port, the puppies received the treatment they required, and they were vaccinated and tested before being taken to a farm to stay there for a while.

Unfortunately, one of them died later on, probably due to the effects of long exposure to acid, according to the NNA.

One of the remaining two puppies stayed in Lebanon, while the other was adopted by Wilderhof. In line with a popular tradition in his country, Wilderhof named the puppy “Samir” after one of the people he has befriended in Lebanon.

The puppy stayed in a house in Chouf for a while before leaving with Wilderhof’s daughter for Germany last Saturday.