South Lebanon Now Has A Secular Club


In Saida, independent individuals have come together to spread the ideas and principles of secularism, democracy, and social justice in the southern Lebanese region. 

Establishing the Saida Secular Club, they want to call attention to rights and freedom violations impacting the people in the south.

That is a step towards the formation of a free, just, and secular country, as indicated by a statement issued by the club on social media. 

This club is the latest of several youth-led secular movements that have emerged calling to free Lebanon of the hindrances to the country’s progress and development. 

Despite long being in the tight grip of ruling religious factions, be it Hezbollah or Future Movement, Sidonians were among the largest groups to participate in the Lebanese Revolution in which many called for the secularization of the state. 

A study conducted by Arab Barometer after the August 4 explosion found that over half of the Lebanese population, regardless of religion, prefers a civil/secular political system.

The Saida Secular Club is inviting people to join its mission by filling this form.

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