Saudi Arabia Donates Medical Equipment To A Lebanese Hospital

Saudi Arabia Donates Medical Equipment To A Lebanese Hospital
Eye of Riyadh | Sawt Beirut

Recently, Sir Dinnieh Governmental Hospital has been struggling with a shortage of medical equipment, as are many other hospitals in Lebanon today.

In response to the repeated calls for assistance that it got from the hospital, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) has donated medical equipment and supplies to its staff.

This was after a KSRelief team cooperated with the Higher Relief Commission (HRC) in Lebanon and visited the public hospital to survey its needs. A KSRelief delegation then handed the supplies over to the hospital’s staff on Friday.

“We are keen to provide medical aid and equipment to all government hospitals in Lebanon, as well as health centers,” said the head of the Saudi delegation, Fahd Al-Qannas.

Judicial Dr. Basma Shaarani, who received the aid alongside Dinnieh Hospital’s administrative and medical bodies, thanked Saudi Arabia for the donation and for “the assistance they have provided to the hospital, which is the only one in the region.”

Last month, after Beirut was struck by a massive explosion that leveled many of its buildings and killed and injured countless people, Saudi Arabia was among the countries that sent urgent humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

Following the blast, KSRelief collaborated with the HRC to provide medical equipment and medicinal drugs to be distributed to the hospitals and medical centers that needed them the most.

Since early 2020, Lebanon’s governmental hospitals have been under immense pressure due to the ongoing pandemic, which has so far infected more than 22,000 people (15,442 active cases) and killed 229.

The spearhead of these hospitals in the fight against the virus, Rafik Hariri University Hospital, recently had its website hacked by self-proclaimed Iranian hackers.