Shop Throws Extravagant Event While People Protest Living Conditions On Same Street (Video)


A recently shared video portrays Lebanon’s bizarre “bipolarity” during a time of crisis. It shows the painful contrast between lives and conditions in Lebanon amid economic collapse.

While the majority in Lebanon is suffering from deteriorating economic conditions, others only continue to benefit.

The video taken in Mar Elias street in Beirut shows an opening event happening outside of a barbershop called Salon Lord. There, a small crowd claps for performers, and music blasts loud on the street as if nothing was happening.

Expressing fondness for the Lebanese and that all the people are happy, the man recording only has to pan his camera to see smoke rising from where a road is blocked with burning tires in protest of the dire living conditions.

These instant contrasting views are the epitome of the irony that exists in Lebanon – the rift between people that is getting wider with each day.

This is similarly felt when, in the economic crisis, some people are still able to afford extravagant weddings and flaunt large firework shows, or when people show off their over-the-top birthday parties on social media, graduation parties, outings, and more.

Content creator Hassan El-Khatib added his touch to the video with a cry from a fellow Lebanese in pain saying, “The Lebanese people have become humiliated, still, no one understands!”

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Shop Throws Extravagant Event While People Protest Living Conditions On Same Street (Video)

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