Solar Lighting Project Just Launched to Illuminate the Highway of Tyre

Aiming to increase traffic safety and visibility on the city of Tyre’s streets, the Italian contingent of the UN Peacekeeping Force in southern Lebanon launched a few days ago a solar lighting project along the highway from the headquarters of the Lebanese Red Cross in Tyre to the Hosba market, next to the Tyre Public Garden.


Via Tyre Municipality

The UNIFIL issued a statement explaining the project by saying that “the lights rely entirely on renewable solar energy and are geared toward helping Lebanon develop a new relationship with the environment.”

On the occasion, the municipality organized a ceremony attended by the UNIFIL Sector West Commander Brig. Gen. Bruno Pisciotta, the head of the Union of the Municipalities of Tyre, Mayor Hassan Dabouq, Deputy Mayor Salah Sabrawi, and a number of regional mayors and religious figures.


Commander Brig. Gen. Pisciotta stressed on “working seriously along with local authorities to improve living conditions in this area of southern Lebanon.”

From his side the head of the Union of the Municipalities of Tyre, Mayor Hassan Dabouq, praised UNIFIL in general and the Italian contingent of the U.N. Peacekeeping Force and its leader Pisciotta with a special greeting, describing them as “messengers of peace” and praising “their role and relations with the people whom they became part of.”

Via Tyre Municipality


At the end of the ceremony, Dabouq and Pisciotta removed the curtain from the memorial plaque dated to the project, and then exchanged commemorative shields.

This newly launched project is considered a highly important achievement in a country with high numbers of traffic accidents, especially that drivers can now use the highway in the southern city of Tyre without worries or troubles.

Via The Daily Star


In February 2019, the Italian contingent of the U.N. Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon also inaugurated a similar solar lighting project on the main streets of Tyre’s Majdal Zoun consisting of 17 solar-powered lights.

This project has added a new attitude towards the use of renewable energy technologies and increased traffic safety and road visibility on Majdal Zoun’s main streets.

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