South Korea Just Lit Up Its Iconic Tower With The Lebanese Flag

South Korea Lights Up Tower With Lebanese Flag

Since the August 4th explosion rocked Beirut and shook the world, the Lebanese flag has shone on numerous famous buildings and iconic structures.

Today, a new country is showing solidarity with the Lebanese people in the same way.

In the far east, the colors of the Lebanese flag were projected onto the second-highest point in the center of the South Korean capital, Seoul.

On Wednesday, South Korean authorities announced that they would project the Namsan Tower with the red, white, and green of the flag of the afflicted nation as an expression of condolence to the victims of the Beirut explosion and their families.

The Seoul Tower, illuminated with the Lebanese flag

The tower – officially called YTN Seoul Tower and commonly referred to as the Seoul Tower – was illuminated at 7 PM, set to remain lit for two hours, according to the country’s state-run Yonhap News Agency.

Seoul has agreed to light up the tower at the request of Lebanese Ambassador to South Korea Antoine Azzam.

Commenting on the occasion, the acting mayor of Seoul, Seo Jung-hyup, said: “We share the grief of the Lebanese people and the residents of Beirut, and convey to them the condolences of the Korean people.”

On a side note, a week after the explosion, Ambassador Azzam attended a meeting at the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and handed the officials a list of Lebanon’s needs in the aftermath of the explosion.

The meeting, held to discuss supporting Lebanon following the blast, was concluded with the decision to allocate $4 million in aid to be delivered through the South Korean forces active in UNIFIL.

6,000 batches of the aid, which includes medical supplies, relief items, and various daily necessities, have already been delivered by the South Korean forces to Lebanon’s military authority.

4,000 more batches will follow in the future, according to the Asian country’s Defense Ministry.

*All images used in this article belong to Yonhap News Agency.