Ten Countries Expressed Their Support For Lebanon At Jeddah Summit

Alarabiya News

In a joint statement, after a summit taking place in Jeddah, leaders from the United States, the six Arab Gulf states, along with Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt expressed their support for Lebanon’s “sovereignty, security, and stability, as well as all the reforms necessary to achieve its economic recovery.”

Noting the upcoming presidential elections, the statement stressed the importance of carrying out the elections in a constitutional and timely manner, urging all Lebanese political parties to respect the process.

The Arab leaders praised Lebanon’s allies and partners for their efforts aiming to strengthen the cooperation between Lebanon and the GCC countries.

They pointed out that these efforts have aided the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security forces (ISF) in maintaining security in the country.

The statement noted Kuwait’s actions to build cooperation and “joint action between the GCC countries and Lebanon,” praising Kuwait for its plans to send direct support to LAF salaries.

Building on that, the US expressed its intentions to structure a program, similar to that of Kuwait in support of the LAF and ISF.

Iraq’s support to the Lebanese government and people in the fields of “energy and Humanitarian relief” was also praised, as well as the efforts by Lebanon’s friends and allies to maintain “stability and security” in the country.

The statement by the ten countries declared the importance of the Lebanese government to maintain control over all Lebanese territories and maintain the sovereignty of Lebanon by “fulfilling the provisions of the relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions and the Taif Accord.”

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