Over 34 Opposition Forces In Lebanon Just Formed A Political Coalition Against The Failed Regime

Bourjeili | Al-Arabiya

Revolution and civic groups in Lebanon have been meeting for weeks to propose a political alternative to the current ruling regime and present their vision to the citizens of Lebanon.

“With the authority’s insistence on reproducing itself despite the loss of its popular legitimacy, opposition forces have gathered to launch a unified political position, present a clear and effective alternative, and launch a path for a conflict over legitimacy with this system at various levels,” they announced on social media.

Despite the government’s persistence, opposition forces gathered to launch a unified political position, presenting a clear and effective alternative to the current regime.

The press conference was held on Sunday, August 30th, at 6:00 pm in Martyrs’ Square.

However, ahead of the scheduled event, Lebanon’s prime counter-revolutionary forces and the most powerful protectors of the current regime (or vice versa) raided the site on their motorcycles, carrying sectarian flags and chanting “Shia.”

These members of Hezbollah and Amal destroyed the press conference’s stage and set up, including the equipment, posters, and reportedly aid tents in the site and a poster of President Aoun in the area.

Despite that attempt to terrorize the people from meeting, as seen in previous instances, the press conference did take place as planned.

Speakers of the press conference, who are revolutionaries against the current political system, explained their newly built coalition and announced it on the political side.

They are taking ground actions to a new level, with an alliance between everyone in the revolution being announced this Tuesday as more are joining in.

Moreover, demands for the resignation of the president have been circulating on social media for him not intervening in saving the people of Beirut when he could have.