People In Lebanon Kicked The Education Minister Out Of The Street

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After the Beirut explosion, after the economic crisis, after the years of struggle and all the heartbreaks, the Lebanese people now want only one thing: Justice.

They want the politicians out and the government to account for the crime of the explosion. They want the criminals in jail and the corrupt held accountable.

This strong population knows that they can build a better country without the current government, so no, they don’t need the ministers cleaning the streets with them. They want them to resign.

Nabil Ismail

This is what they made clear to the Minister of Education, Tarek El-Majzoub, who went to the hundreds of volunteers cleaning the streets of Beirut and held his broom to show that he’s doing something useful in regards to the explosion.

It would have been certainly more useful that he uses his position to have the government assume its responsibility and clean up the streets instead, and ensure the sheltering of the countless of people gone homeless, and visit the injured in the hospitals, and go after those who caused this unforgivable explosion.

Never has the Lebanese state been as absent as in this time when it is the most needed to act for the people and the country. It is as if all that these officials who get elected or appointed know only to do politics. And even that has been a mess.

Should we have had a government of technocrats, like the revolution has been demanding, they would have been better equipped today to handle this catastrophic situation. But no, they had to bring in officials based on political sectarianism instead.

So here we are today, and the people are furiously in pain.

No wonder then that the minister of education was met with anger by the people who took upon themselves to do the job of an absent government and clean up the rubbles.

Anger could be an understatement, with so many innocent people killed, including kids and babies, youth and elderly, fathers and mothers…

The people are furious at all those in authority, and the minister got to hear it as they yelled at him: “Resign…We want the fall of the regime… ” and “Hang the gallows.”

The Lebanese people are heartbroken, angry, struggling, and overall they’ve had enough. Their loved ones are dead, most of them have no shelter, they lost everything, even the bare minimum they had.

If Ministers want to help them, let them do their job as they should, and save Lebanon from the disaster it just fell under.

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