This Tripoli Bakery Is Baking Manoush All Night Feeding the Protesters for Free

It is utterly fascinating to witness how the Lebanese are standing in solidarity these days across the country for one single cause and in one strong bond of patriotic unity. While close to a million people are protesting in the streets, others are doing their part the way they know best: with their particular skills and from their workplace. This is one of the many actions that are ongoing in Lebanon to support, and contribute to, the nationwide movement:


This Bakery in the northern capital of Lebanon has been reported spending all night preparing and baking man’oush and inviting the protestors to eat for free.

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Located in the plaza square of Sehit Al-Nour, the bakery has been relentless all night to ensure that protestors at the square have their stomach full to carry on with their manifestation and sit-in.


The reactions on social media, from both Lebanese people and foreigners, have been that of awe and admiration, and also gratefulness.  “This is phenomenal! Truly the power of the people at work. Feeding the troops of a nonviolent army,” said a Reddit user. Another said, “Make that man the new president of Lebanon!”

It is true that the Lebanese protests in the homeland and overseas have been a great source of wonder to the world watching us.  The way the Lebanese are undertaking their protests is indeed amazing and unique. You only have to go through some of our recent articles and see.

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Amidst the hard times of spending days and nights on the streets, Lebanese are also making sure to bring in their unique spirit of fun and cultural joie de vivre:

From BBQing and bringing along their musical instruments for crowd-dabkes, to playing cards and tennis matches, offering flowers and hugs to the law-enforcement officers, and turning a massive sit-in into a DJ party.

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These are the people of Lebanon, my friends; the protesters in their majority, and in spite of the infiltrating political gangs and the angry ones here and there. 

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“Tripoli is one of the most beautiful cities in Lebanon, the historical landmarks and the historical city [are] deep in Tripoli, if not for the poverty and ignorance that was forced onto the people,” commented a Reddit user in response to the Bakery’s generous deed.


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