There Are 3 Marches Taking Place August 4th For The Victims Of The Beirut Blast

Lebanese Youth Will Hold International Protests To Support Lebanese Students Abroad Saturday
EPA/Nabil Mounzer

Two years following the August 4 explosion that swept the Lebanese population off of its hinges, justice is still nowhere in sight.

The Lebanese people are taking to the streets on August 4th, with 3 different marches, to demand justice on behalf of the silenced victims and their grieving families, and also for Beirut which was badly wounded.

Calls to join the marches are being spread on social media, and here are the details:

From the Justice Palace

The meeting point will be at Palais De Justice at 3 pm. The march will proceed towards the French Embassy, continue to Samir Kassir Square and Statue, and end at the Emigrant Statue by the Beirut Port at 5 pm.

From An-Nahar building

This march will begin at the An-Nahar building at 4 pm and end at the Emigrant Statue at 5 pm.

From the Fire Fighting Brigades Facility

This march will start at 4 pm from the Fire Fighting Brigades Facility in Karantina, and end at the Emigrant Statue.

All three marches will converge at the Emigrant Statue at 5 pm.

Participants are expected to be many, reminding the ruling body that the Lebanese people have not forgotten nor would they let this major crime pass without justice.

Over 234 innocent people were killed by the Beirut Blast, Remember Their Names.

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