Protesters In Tripoli Chant Their Support To The Army After Days Of Violence

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After three days of violence between angry protesters and the army in Tripoli, young men and women are back in the streets, but this time for a different reason.

Residents of the city gathered in the square locally referred to as “Al Shira3”, where protesters had burned Fransabank.

Instead of fighting, they chanted “The people and the army are one hand” and sang to them the national anthem that hasn’t been as meaningful as now with its opening statement: “All of us for our Country.”

They offered sweets to the soldiers in an act of reconciliation and a statement of support, proving once more that Tripoli is indeed the Bride of the Revolution.

Many civilians and soldiers were injured during the riots. Unfortunately, a young man named Fawaz Fouad Al Saman did not survive his injuries. The city grieved and anger boiled.

But today, the citizens are showing their deep regret for the violence that had ensued earlier this week, because the fact is, the army and the people are together in this mess; the crises are not sparing them and their families.

Tripoli also posted a beautiful video, expressing their support, affection, and trust towards the Lebanese army.

The Bride of the Revolution is back with a strong message that these soldiers are the people’s brothers, fathers, sons, cousins, and uncles. What ails the nation ails them as well.

Their job has never been as difficult as these days. Knowing that the people understand that and support them means the world to them.

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