Tyre International Short Film Festival Is About To Kick-Off

Tyre International Short Film Festival

The Tyre International Short Film Festival is known to be one of the most popular festivals in the cinematographic scene.

The Festival also participates in the notoriety of the cultural scene in Lebanon, especially in the south region of Tyre.

The Festival was founded by the Istanbouli theater and an association of young creators who reopened an abandoned local cinema theatre.

The Association is called “Tiro Association for Arts” and is participating in the ongoing renovation of the famous Tripoli theater, which will also be part of the National Lebanese Theater.

The 9th edition will kick off on March 12th and will run till March 15th under the theme “Cinema for free expression”.

By this slogan, the director Kassem Istanbouli wanted to pay tribute to the importance of Cinema in the revolutions that played a role in the shaping of our society’s change and evolution.

Until March 8th, participants were welcome to submit short clips of 5 to 30 minutes long that will be selected to be streamed in the festival.

The Festival welcomes local young filmmakers from all over the country and the world and supports them by displaying their works.

The program is scheduled to showcase at least 34 films from 21 different countries.