Ukrainians In Lebanon Are Protesting Outside The Russian Embassy


Dozens of Ukrainian nationals organized a protest on Thursday in front of the Russian Embassy in Beirut, denouncing the bombing of their country.

During the protest, the national anthem of Ukraine was played, bringing the protesters to tears.

Russia has launched a full-scale invasion on Thursday at dawn, with tanks entering Ukraine and several public facilities buildings in Kyiv being hit by bombing.

According to reports from Kyiv, the Ukrainian authorities recorded one casualty and many wounded.

Russian invasion forces also struck heavily near Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine. Horrifying scenes of damaged vehicles and dead soldiers by the side of the road are being shared by the international media stream.

Meanwhile, Lebanese students and nationals in Ukraine are still waiting for their government to bring them home, an urgent action that was meant to be taken days ago as promised by Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With the war appearing inevitably imminent last week, foreign governments had rushed to evacuate their nationals from Ukraine to ensure their safety. Not Lebanon though as the Lebanese in Ukraine are currently urging their government to evacuate them and many of them claim to have no contact with the Lebanese embassy.

The tensions between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014 and escalated by the end of 2021 with diplomatic relations falling apart, ensuing now with a full-force invasion taking now place in Ukraine.

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