UN Blames The Lebanese Government For The Financial Crisis And Urges To Change Its Course

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Hasan Shaaban/Bloomberg

On Wednesday, the United Nations issued a report blaming the Lebanese government and Lebanon’s Central Bank for the unprecedented financial crisis that led to the “unnecessary impoverishment” of the Lebanese people.

The report was issued by UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Olivier de Schutter, who visited Lebanon in 2021.

In his report, he urges Lebanon to “change course” and holds responsible the Lebanese authorities for all the human rights breaches, which resulted in “the worst in the world since 1850,” according to the World Bank.

The Lebanese pound has also lost more than 90% of its value, the report indicates, adding that “nine out of ten people find it difficult to obtain an income, and more than six out of ten people would leave the country if they were able to do so.”

Urging the international communities to provide Lebanon with support, it emphasized the crucial need for reforms, stating: “Such support will only have an impact if structural reforms are adopted to put an end to the process of impoverishment.” 

The report by the UN mainly focused on the “misery inflicted on the population,” which the organization believed to be reversible with good leadership bodies.

It also called for social justice and accountability, adding that the economic crisis was “entirely avoidable” as it was “manufactured” by the failure of governmental bodies.

The report comes just a few days ahead of Elections Day taking place on May 15, where the Lebanese people will make their opinion count for the first time since the Revolution that erupted on October 17, 2019.

At this point in Lebanon’s history, it is really up to the people to decide on the fate of their country. For the first time since the nationwide protests, their voices will make a difference.

Boycotting the elections, as some people intend to, would not serve them and the country, nor would the reluctance of some to vote.

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