United Nations Just Voted In Favor Of Palestinian Statehood And Ending Occupation

AP Photo | Reuters

The proposal calling for a two-state solution, in favor of Palestinian self-determination and the end of the Israeli occupation, just passed in the United Nations General Assembly’s Third Committee. 

This Thursday, a sweeping majority of the UN panel (163 states!) voted in commitment to the approval of the draft.

Only 5 states, including Israel and the United States, voted against it. It’s worth noting that Canada was also among those that took the pro-Palestine stance.

In addition, despite recently making peace with Israel, the UAE is committed to the two-state solution, according to Arab News.

The draft resolution highlights the right of the Palestinian people to have their own independent State of Palestine. It has long called for the end of the Israeli occupation and encourages a peace settlement between the two sides.


As of 2020, only 15% of historic Palestine remains intact. Floods of inhabitants have sought refuge elsewhere, and many Palestinians have never visited their homeland.

The concept of the two-state solution sounds like a simple fix to the Palestine-Israel conflict. However, it comes with many challenges, including the division of borders, the claim over Jerusalem, the return of Palestinian refugees, and security, according to the NY Times.

However, the majority of the UN panel believes it can be achieved and is pushing for it for the sake of human rights.

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