Video Of Lebanese Policeman Walking Away From Street Fight Is Going Viral

Video Of Lebanese Policeman Walking Away From Street Fight Goes Viral

A video of a policeman walking away from a street fight taking place a few steps next to him has gone viral on social media in Lebanon.

The video, sarcastically described as “Oscar-worthy” by some social media commenters, shows an Internal Security Forces (ISF) officer smiling on a phone call before the camera pans to show a massive mob running behind him.

The mob appears to be trying to resolve a brawl between several individuals, who are seen on camera chasing each other around and exchanging blows in a violent confrontation.

The incident took place right outside a gas station, the kind of place where brawls and angry mobs have become commonplace in Lebanon due to the prevailing scarcity of fuel.

After the fight in the video is almost over, the officer appears to return to the scene and attempt to disperse the crowd.

The video exemplifies the typical day at a gas station in Lebanon and shows just how fragile social security has become in the crisis-stricken country.

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