Western Union Is Waiving Transfer Fees To Lebanon For Solidarity


The Beirut Port Explosion has left those severely impacted in shock and with little or nothing to survive.

Already, the dollar exchange rate has been increasing and basic supplements are at a higher price, which is adding more to the misery of the people in Lebanon.

As the world turns to Lebanon in active compassion, sending aids and financial assistance to NGOs and the Lebanese expats sending to their families back home, Western Union stepped up to do its part.

It announced its solidarity with the people by canceling transfer fees to Lebanon, encouraging as such financial donations from individuals.

The waiving of these fees will continue until August 13th, 2020, with the hope that the company will extend it.

Since many Lebanese citizens depend on transferred money from their families abroad, this was a nice gesture to our country. For those abroad, you can now send US dollars to Lebanon, without paying fees.

Jean-Claude Farah, President of Global Network Western Union, announced their stand with the Lebanese, pointing out that the Lebanese across the world regularly send money to their families back home.

This gesture is in aid to the Lebanese struggles, financially and emotionally.

“We owe the people of Lebanon recognition for their spirit of resilience, especially during times of strife. Our zero-fee to be paid out in US dollars is a small form of relief to facilitate additional financial flows into Lebanon,” Farah said.

The Beirut Port Explosion has been devastating on so many, and also emotionally on the Lebanese abroad. They feel like their hands are tied and can’t do anything about it except for donating, spreading awareness on the subject, and protesting in their cities.

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