10 awkward situations Lebanese people experience

If your Lebanon, you often find yourself in awkward situations. 

Not knowing whether you need to kiss two or three times

Let’s agree on a number to avoid putting ourselves in awkward situations.


When you’re over at your relative’s place for lunch, and they try to force-feed you a dish you really hate

Thank God for fries.


When it’s time to pay the bill in a restaurant, and the small argument turns into World War 3

Let’s just split the bill and not cause scenes from now on.


When your parents have people over, and they tell you to entertain the kids 

No kid I can’t download all these games on my phone.


Trying to figure out what to tell your mom after you lost her Tupperware

“Do we even have Tupperwares?”


You look both ways before crossing a one-way street abroad, and people think you’re a creep

They have obviously never been to Lebanon where the craziest things happen on the roads.


When people at weddings insist that you dance, but you don’t want to

It’s worse when the DJ is playing the most cliché songs ever. Yes, I’m taling about “C’est La Vie.”


When you’re stuck in traffic and the driver in the car next to yours is a person you’re trying to avoid

That will be the most awkward three hours of your life.


When you’re hiding in your room away from guests and you blow your cover

Sneaking from your room to the kitchen didn’t turn out to be the best idea ever. Now you have to sit with the guests and answer questions they ask every time they visit. 


When Alfa or Touch send you a message that you have reached 80% of your internet consumption limit, and you did not do anything 


Dear customer, you have reached 80% of your – STOP PLEASE.


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