10 of the Best Shopping Malls in Lebanon

Looking for a place close to home to go shopping, run errands, take the kids out? Lebanon has an array of different shopping centers convenient for everyone in every location they’re in. Whether it is to spend a pleasant day, have lunch, or do your shopping, or all combined, we have great malls in the country, and here is our pick of the 10 best malls in Lebanon:


#1 ABC (Verdun, Achrafieh, Dbayeh)

Via Rinnoo

The ABC Mall, with all its three branches, is where you get to bump into most fashion figures in town. It is known for having great restaurants and clothing shops for both genders and all ages.  


#2 The Spot (Nabatieh, Saida, Chouifat)

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The Spot has it in its name. It is a spot you wouldn’t want to miss when passing by any of its three locations. In addition to shops, it is known for its restaurants of foreign cuisine from around the world, such as Raising Canes, IHOP, and Lord of the Wings. 


#3 Dunes (Verdun)

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If you are considering a large shopping space with interactive games and a variety of fast-food restaurants, Dunes is your destination. Dunes Mall sits in the middle of one of Beirut’s crowded districts as a magnet to adults and kids alike. 


#4 City Centre (Hazmieh)

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City Centre Mall is in literally the center of where all people of Hazmieh and surrounding areas meet to hang out and relax. This mall joins all aspects of restaurants, shops, and play areas.


#5 Karout Mall (Hazmieh)

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If your child is in scouts or your thinking of going camping, there is literally nothing you possibly want that you won’t find in Karout Mall, as it specializes in scout’s gears and camping equipment. That in addition to nice restaurants and shops.


#6 Cascada Mall (Zahle)

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Being far away from Beirut’s crowded areas, Cascada Mall still manages to make a fun and active ambiance in Zahle for all its residents. Its huge size and delightful shops are a must-see if you are looking for some action while in Zahle.


#7 Beirut Souks (Downtown)

Via Secrets Of Beirut

Beirut Souks Mall is an open and breezy space that sits in the heart of outdoor downtown. It keeps kids and parents happy in terms of play venues, shopping, movies, and more. While in the area, don’t miss taking a photo by the I LOVE BEIRUT’s sign.


#8 City Mall (Dora)

Via Trip Advisor

This mall sits in the main road of Dora at the outskirts of north Beirut and offers a refined experience with great stores and boutiques, restaurants, and a movie theatre.


#9  Le Mall (Dbayeh)

Via Glass Line Industries

Said to have cost 60 million dollars, Le Mall is an eye-catcher on the highway Metn towards Kessrwan, with an unusual glass exterior, some 100 shops, eight-theater cineplex, including a VIP cinema, and some 1,000 m2 kids entertainment area. 


#10 Centro Mall (Bir Hassan)


This mall is relatively new, and it’s in the heart of the residential area of Bir Hassan in Beirut. This place is so convenient for the residents of both Bir Hassan and Jnah, to get some errands done. The mall is super family friendly, and kids can enjoy their time there.


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