11 Steps to Getting Your Lebanese Future Father-in-Law’s Approval

Settling down, getting married, having kids, and all other aspects of accomplishing a family life begin with 2 essential steps for every Lebanese guy: the first is finding the right person and the second is getting the father’s approval.


You might have to convince other members of your significant other’s family that you’re a good guy with good intentions, but your number one priority is your future father-in-law because only he has the keys to your happy ending (or beginning).

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For this reason, you have to be aware and prepared; and I’m here to help you:


#1. Dress for the occasion

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The first meeting between you and your sweetheart’s father is a tricky one. You’ll be judged for every inconvenience, both in the way you behave as well as the way you present yourself. Be true to who you are, but in the best version possible.


#2. Be confident

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Remember, he can smell fear! And once he does, he’ll come at you with every question he’s got. If you’re under pressure, you won’t be able to make up for the fact that you’re not an architect nor a surgeon.


#3. Be smart

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Bring something with you for one or more family members. Maybe a toy for her little brother, a bag for her mother, or a jacket for her father; this way, they’ll be looking forward to your visits.


#4. Know when to be quiet

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Don’t try to outsmart him, even if you know he’s wrong. Keep your face in an ‘awe’ expression all the time, like you’re sitting facing Leonel Messi.


#5. Be active

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Dads usually don’t care really about your job or status, they just need to know that you’re hard-working and driven. So if there’s a broken lamp in the house, just offer to fix it.


#6. Talk about your parents

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It’s important to show that you’re family-oriented and that you respect your parents and care about them. Don’t be embarrassed to say that you call your mom every 2 hours.


#7. Mention your future plans

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Being ambitious gives you a big plus. It shows that you’re good father material. Don’t forget to mention his daughter in your plans.


#8. Show off your talents

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If it’s possible and suitable to execute it on the spot, please do. Whether you help with the cooking or put up a puppet show for the kids, it’ll certainly make a good impression. If that isn’t possible, mentioning your strong points works just fine.


#9. Compliment his daughter

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Showing that you appreciate the great job he did raising a smart and independent woman will make any father delighted.


#10. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings

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Present the love and affection you have for your (hopefully) future wife in a careful and respectful manner. Speak of it and show it, just don’t overdo it.


#11. Sit and wait


Finally, the visit is over! You followed all the steps and perfected them one by one. Now you have to wait for the call back. If the father-in-law is satisfied, you’ll get another invitation. This is his decision, so don’t unexpectedly show up at the door the next evening.


At the end of the day, all a father really wants is for his daughter to be happy. If he knows that she’ll be happy with you, you’ll definitely be approved! Then you can tell your mother to go ahead and start with the Zalaghit (but only if she approves of the bride).

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