12 Things To Do In The Traditional Lebanese Town Of Hammana

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In the middle of the Lamartine Valley in the Aley district, Hammana is engulfed with greenery, pine trees, and orchards, and freshened up by a breathtaking river that runs through it.

A thirty-minute drive from Beirut, Hammana is 1200m above sea level.

It has everything you wish you’d see in a traditional Lebanese house. Old palaces, red rooftops, stone houses, great views, and lots of scenery. In the face of modernization, Hammana has kept its authentic Lebanese spirit.

Check out these 12 things to do once you get there.

Visit the 290-year-old Mar Romanos Church

Built in 1732, the Mar Romanos Church is a great destination to witness Lebanon’s old architecture. The traditional three-stone arches are a sight to see in this Maronite church.

Walk the halls of 14th-century Mezher Palace

Standing tall, the Mezher palace overlooks the breathtaking Lamartine valley. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, the red rooftop and stone walls feel authentic, undisturbed by the progressions of the last seven centuries since the palace was built.

Former French poet Alphonse de Lamartine resided there in the 17th century with his wife and daughter.

Witness the beauty of the Lamartine valley


Named after the French poet Alphonse de Lamartine, this valley was a great inspiration for him. He wrote, “one of the most beautiful views that men have ever beheld, an opportunity to paint the creation of God, is the valley of Hammana.”

The valley is riddled with pine trees and orchards.

Enjoy the Hammana River and waterfalls

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The Hammana river travels through the Lamartine valley with steep and gentle waterfalls all along the water. Many outdoor activities are available around the river like canyoning, hiking, and abseiling.

Try Motocrossing

If you’re up for something thrilling, learn to motocross in Hammana with professionals. Enjoy the ride as you drive through the dirt circuits.

For more information, contact 03085836

Visit the Najib Abu Haidar Public Library

This is for book lovers! Whatever your age, you’ll find something that interests you in the collection of 13 000 books available in this public library.

First launched in 2002, its main goal was to contribute to the enlightenment of Hammana residents of all ages. They also hold many activities and workshops.

Stroll along the Old Souk

In the face of modernization, the old souk in Hammana has kept its authenticity and its traditional Lebanese spirit. Coffee shops, one-dollar shops, restaurants, and bakeries are all riddled around these lovely cobblestone streets.

The Lebanese TV show Al-Hayba is famously shot in the plaza of Hammana, now nicknamed Sahet al Hayba.

The spirit in Hammana Souk is a very special one. Festivals, singers, and bands from all over Lebanon perform in the plaza. The happiness, love, and enthusiasm of the locals enjoying their night are contagious. You’ll leave with a fresh, renewed energy, and a love for the Lebanese people.

Grab some local sweets

Enjoy a local Kaak bi knefe from Al Aridi Sweets. They offer fresh, daily international as well as oriental sweets. For more information, contact 05530030.

Head to the Hammana Artist House

The Hammana Artist House is a space for artistic development and for creating and connecting with other artists.

It’s open to any local and international artist who would like to develop their networks, rehearse in peace and meet people who share their similar interests. It contains many spaces for rehearsals and an open-air theatre.

Have lunch near the waterfalls

Enjoy a selection of traditional Lebanese and international food while listening to the soothing sound of naturally running water. You’ll be fully immersed in the unique nature of Hammana while enjoying a delicious meal.

For more information, please contact 71544534.

Have a drink and dance the night away

Overlooking the Lamartine Valley, this lounge opens during summertime and offers a wide variety of drinks. You can enjoy the sunset with family or party with friends when the night comes.

Spend the night camping

What would be a better way to spend the night on a hammock on a starry night than under the pine trees? But you wouldn’t be alone, you’d be surrounded by many others looking to feel at peace in nature.

For more information, contact 71 004 788.

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