13 Lebanese Villages After Getting Hit By Ghinwa Storm

Lebanon witnessed this week a new storm dubbed “Ghinwa” by Lebanese meteorologists.


Storm Ghinwa, which may be the last for this season, has created beautiful sceneries that were captured by Lebanese people from all over Lebanon. Here at the best 13 sceneries that we selected for you:

#1 Mzaar Kfardebian Ski Slopes

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Mzaar Kfardebian ski slopes are widely known as the Middle East’s largest ski resort. It is located in the mountains of Kessrwan at one hour drive from Beirut and 20 minutes from the coastal city of Jounieh.


#2 Tannourine Mountain

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Tannourine is a Lebanese municipality located in the mountains of the Batroun District, North-Lebanon. It is at 79.6 km from the capital Beirut; a ride that takes about 1h 30 minutes.


#3 Lake Qaraoun

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Lake Qaraoun is by far the largest freshwater body in Lebanon. It was created by the construction of the Litany river dam in 1959.  A summer and touristic attraction, it is located in the southern region of the Beqaa Valley at 77 Km from the capital Beirut.


#4 Ehden

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Ehden is located in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon and on the southwestern slopes of Mount Makmal in the Mount Lebanon Range. A city-like town, Ehden is at 98.4 Km from Beirut, and a 48-minute ride from Tripoli, the northern capital.  


#5 Yamouneh

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Yamouneh is one of Lebanon’s points of pride. It is sought after for its beautiful lake, its awe-inspiring nature reserve, and its ancient village with Roman’s vestiges. A municipality of the Baalbek District, it is reachable from Beirut via Faraya at 103 Km, via Beirut Damascus Highway at 112 Km, and via Zahle at 122 Km.  Overall, the ride ranges between 2h 10 minutes to 2h 20 minutes.


#6 Barhalioun

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Barhalioun is an ancient township nestled at 1106 meters above sea level in the Northern Mountains of the Bcharre District. Its name is of Syriac origin, said to mean son of resilience.

A small town of Roman ruins, it was known to count 8 churches by its own, currently 7, the oldest dating back to 1720 AD. 

It is located at 37 minutes from Tripoli, and some 88.5 Km from Beirut.


#7 Bcharre

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Bcharre or Bsharri, the birth town of Gibran Khalil Gibran, is an ancient northern village dating back to our Syriac-Aramaic history, hence its name.

It is a large town perched over the awestriking Qadisha Valley and at the foot of the Cedar Mountain. Bsharre is also known as the City of Churches counting 37 to-date.

It is located at 43 Km from Tripoli, and 108 Km from Beirut.


#8 Ain Atta

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Ain Aata, which translates into the gift of water spring, is a village and municipality situated southwest of Rashaya in the Beqaa.

It is home to ancient Roman ruins. Foreign scholars are still debating on whether it was indeed the site of Bethanat mentioned in the Bible Book of Joshua.

It is at 99 km south-east of the capital Beirut. 


#9 Chouf

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Chouf or Shouf is known for its Biosphere Reserve. It is home to amazing cedar forests as well as vineyards and apple orchards. A highly populated administrative district of Mount Lebanon, it was home to the Princes of Lebanon and played a major role through our history. It is located at 41 Km from Beirut.


#10 Falougha

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A beautiful municipality in the Baabda District, Falougha takes pride in the preservation of its ethnic architecture, its water sources, its forestry and green nature, and its clean air. This town located at 35 Km East of the capital Beirut is sought-after all year round for its nature and hospitality.


#11 Sawfar

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A pride of Lebanon with its traditional fancy houses, palaces, freshwater springs and beautiful nature, Sawfar is located at 35 minutes from Beirut in the Aley District of Mount Lebanon. It is sought for its outdoor activities like hiking and its calmer environment away from the cities during summer.


#12 Hasroun

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Overlooking the Qadisha Valley, Hasroun is a northern traditional village of all seasons, perched at1400m above sea level.

A town dating back to our Phoenician and Syriac-Aramaic history, Hasroun is a Phoenician name meaning fortress.

A 50-minute ride takes you from Tripoli to this beautiful town which all-red-brick roofed houses earned it the nickname of The Rose of Mount Lebanon.  


#13 Ain Zhalta

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Ain Zhalta, a traditional mountain village in the Chouf District of Mount Lebanon, is home to natural wonders and numerous outdoor sports and activities.

It is located at 43 Km from Beirut, and you can reach this historical town in a 50-minute car ride.


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