15 Things You Must Do In Saida (Sidon)!

Saida, or Sidon, is one of the oldest cities in Lebanon. In fact, it is one of the Phoenician cities and towns that have been continuously inhabited ever since they have been established in ancient times!

Modern Saida hides a lot of gems! By merging history, delicious food, and interesting places to visit, this great city in Lebanon touches the heart of every person who visits it!

15 things you must do in Saida!

Visit these places!

#1 Sea Castle

#2 Soap Museum

#3 Debbane Palace Museum

#4 Khan Al Franj

#5 Saint Louis Castle

#6 Ziri Island

#7 Temple of Eshmun

The Temple of Eshmun is a tourist destination. For more, visit here.

#8 Bahaa Eddine Al Hariri Mosque

#9 Walk the Corniche

#10 Old Souks

#11 Public Beach

#12 Explore the ancient alleys

#13 Old Ottoman Hammam Al Jadid

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The 18th century Ottoman Hamam "al jadeed" in Saida.

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#14 Dine in ancient restaurant setting

#15 Enjoy local sweets

Location: Sidon souks