Over 20 Tonnes Of Expired Children’s Milk Were Just Found In A Warehouse In Lebanon


In one of the most disturbing discoveries in Lebanon right now, more than 20 tonnes of children’s milk were found hidden and expired in a warehouse in Lebanon.

The milk, Nestle’s NIDO brand for ages under 1 and 2-3, reportedly expired while distributors waited for the subsidy to be removed.

Meanwhile, Lebanon is suffering – or mainly its babies are – from a shortage of baby formula, leaving families across the country distraught over their babies’ health and nutrition.

“The milk has spoiled while waiting for the subsidy to be lifted, while the children are starving and the parents are devastated because it is not available in the markets. The most corrupt are the monopoly dealers and the political system colluding with them. A day must be reckoned!” blasted Fadi Daou, the co-founder of Adyan Foundation.

People are calling on caretaker Economy and Trade Minister Raoul Nehme to take immediate action as if, in Lebanon today, it has become the duty of the people to constantly remind officials of their responsibilities with demands, sit-ins, and protests.

For a small country like Lebanon, smaller even than certain cities abroad, it is incomprehensible to all that the state, with its too many officials, can’t seem to control or duly manage its internal affairs and the officials their responsibilities.

If the crippling smuggling operations are political and the fuel crisis is due to the financial collapse, and the rationing of electricity stems from corruption, and the Beirut Blast is deemed an out-of-this-world mystery, what excuse is now there for the authorities not to have noticed the disappearance of tonnes of children’s milk left hidden in a warehouse for so long?

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